all weather woven
Synthetic rattan is a very attractive alternative to natural
rattan because of the similarities in texture and appearance.
It is very flexible, resistant to UV rays and deterioration,
resilient to all weather conditions whether it is snow
or very high temperatures, in addition, the color does not
fade and the materials are environmentally friendly and
recyclable. It is clearly the perfect choice for both indoor
and outdoor furniture. Crafted of a durable Durawera®
synthetic material on top of a powder coated aluminum
frame, our woven furniture has a natural look, but is far
superior to natural fiber in terms of functionality.

Every piece of our furniture, whether it is natural rattan or
all-weather woven, have come from the dedication to creativity
with the aim to become an integral part of the
house you are proud of. Our unique woven process allows
us to create some innovative and unusual designs.
From bowl-shaped lounges to functional dining pieces,
Veneman's all-weather woven will transform your home's
outdoor space into a personal oasis.

Veneman prides itself in our ability to design and customize
original pieces for any sized project. We are featured
in many resort and spa installations across the
country and our goal is to provide public space designers
with the freedom to specify truly unique product options
that are customized to their exact needs. Our Custom
Woven Program has over 14 finishes and a multitude of
fabrics from which to choose.
Veneman Collections - All Weather Woven