cast aluminum
Our process begins with the purest of aluminum. At Veneman,
we use only 356 grade aluminum ingots that are
known to be the purest and most resilient aluminum alloys

The foundry process starts by melting the ingot at 1400°F, liquefying the aluminum.

The aluminum is then poured into match plate molds that were delicately and meticulously hand-carved from wood by the talented Veneman artisans. Unlike most companies, Veneman retains the rights to the match plates for future consideration, with over 1000 individual match plates in inventory.

These match plates are then utilized in a unique sand casting process. Sand casting is a traditional casting process that adds clever character to each individual piece, resulting in no two pieces being exactly alike, which sets Veneman heirloom products apart from other products in the industry. Another key component of this phase is that each product is hand-formed, hand-welded, and hand-buffed.

It is the pure aluminum and sand casting process that adds to the weight, strength, and overall design quality of the frame. It is a truly unique process, first cast in sand mold, then assembled and finished by hand that exemplifies the commitment by the artisans at Veneman to create products of exceptional quality designs.
Veneman Collections - Cast Aluminum